Sunday, January 15, 2017

First steps

At this moment when i am sitting on the bed writing this article, I am thinking if maybe the antibiotics will kick inn enough for me to book another lesson of horse back riding in the next two days. Why am i explaining this? Well in horse back riding at Posestvo Blata I can say that I've found one of the loves of my life.

How did I start horse back riding? I don't like to make a fuss out of my birthday, when I am asked what i want for present, the answer is usually »nothing« or "I don't know". This year it was the same as previous years, so my boyfriend was begging : »At least tell me something that you would like!«. So, I said :« ok I want a new pet or something that's connected to animals«. By saying that, I got a gift certificate for one hour lesson of horse back riding at Posestvo Blata in Bovec.

I called Greta (founder and instructor) and made the appointment. Before the first lesson I have to say, I was quite nervous as I always considered horses amazing but at the same time i was always in awe of them. It was a Saturday morning when I came for the fist lesson. I was a bit early (a habit that I can't seem to get rid of) and Ramirano (or Rami), the horse which I was riding that day, was the first one to come and say »hi« over the fence. He seemed too big for me but Greta said he would be my partner for that day 'cause he gets on good with beginners. 

There are 5 more horses beside Rami at the ranch (all super friendly). Gentle Campari, who I ride the most now, courious Mercedes, who is also a master of escape as she oppenes the door by herself, Melina, the old girl who still does her work well on riding trips, Ponka, a poni that kids ride the most and Herta, a new shy girl in the family.

On the first day Greta showed me how to brush a horse to get the first connection, how to put on the saddle (which I forgot the moment we put it on because of all the excitement) and after I »hopped« on Rami to start the lesson. At this point I got to see that  on a horse you have to balance yourself with your legs (not the arms), that you have to think of your posture (I had to sit up straight, which is not one of my habits , and that you mustn't forget how to breathe (which I, believe it or not, forgot to do a couple of times while thinking of my leg posture, my back posture and my hand posture). Let me say here that in my opinion Greta is really a great instructor  – she explains all the necesary things in a way that you understand without struggling in a really calm way, she will compliment you when you are doing well and she will keep you to do one extra round even when you think that you gave everything you got already. 

On the first lesson I got to walk slowly for a couple of rounds to get the feeling of balance and manouvering and got to do a bit of slow running to get used to a proper technique (this was a lot tougher than I tought). An hour went by in a flash, we went back to the stables and I got to give Rami a couple of treats for a job well done. As  soon as I finished I made another appointment for two days later. This time I was riding Campari (also a gentle giant as Rami). I got a whole set of equipment from Greta (from helmet to riding shoes and pants).

Campari is now the horse that I have ridden the most. In the few hours that we have been riding together, we have been polishing out the proper kas – the slow running and I am proud to say that on the last lesson I have managed to do an entire circle by giving orders to Campari by my own. Also I mannaged to gallop, the faster run, but that is with Greta's help and I was holding on to the saddle. But it's a beggining =). 

Now when I am in Bovec I try to go riding at least two times a week and I enjoy it like I've never enjoyed a hobby before – for the first time I understand how it feels to have a real passion for something – so all I can say, I guess, is: "Thanks For the great birthday present Andraž. Valentine's day is comming soon so maybe here's an idea." ;)

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