Friday, January 13, 2017

A week with Outdoor Galaxy

Because we often say that here at Outdoor Galaxy we are all a family and not just a group of coworkers, we decided to dedicate our first article to outdoor oriented families that have decided to spend a whole outdoor holiday with us. 

A wide range of outdoor activities can be done in the Soca valley and it is often hard to make a selection. In the past years we hosted families and couples spending outdoor adventure holidays with us, experiencing a different outdoor activity each day. 

It usually goes like this. On the day of arrival we meet at our Outdoor Galaxy office to introduce ourselves, go trough your schedule for the whole week and make suggestions of what are other things to do in Soca valley along to the activities that are already planned. It is a relaxed meeting where we get to know each other. The activities you can choose from are kayaking, canyoning, rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, hiking, caving, paragliding, zip line, horse back riding and more. As you can see there really are a lot of activities to choose from for an active outdoor holiday. 

Before every activity we meet at the office. First we 
discuss how was the activity from the previous day than you meet the guide for the next activity and together you go to get the equipment and to the starting point. Just before leaving Žiga – who is a multitasker in the company  - makes sure that there are enough cookies for everyone in the van. All our guides share the opinion that nature is their office and love the place they work at. Beside guiding and safety of your trip they give you a tutorial of the surroundings too. This often leads to a continuing discussion even after the trip. One of the most appreciated facts about the river for example is, that you are actually paddling on drinking water, which is hard to imagine in most parts of the world. 

To give just a sneak peak of the activities here are some facts. On kayak trips and courses, along with explaining how to manoeuvre your kayak and how to »read« the river, our guide Janez will tell you stories about his paddling around the world, which travelers found quite exciting. On rafting trips, which are more group kind of activities, Andraž loves to take time and entertain children with some tricks he figured out. On mountain biking tours Žiga always picks the right trail adjusted to your experiences, explains facts about the area and makes sure that on hot summer days you can take a dip in the local creek or the river during the tour. On canyoning tours you can choose from 4 different canyons depending on your previous canyoning experiences. The guides always emphasise that safety comes first but they also deliver a fun and unforgettable experience. 

After a week of outdoor activities the vacation comes to an end. Usually our guests leave Bovec a day after the last activity. They drop by on the morning of departure to find out if all of us were at the office to give the regards - that is an amazing feeling – to see that we are able to make someone's week an week to always remember. 

To see what our guests say after leaving us here is just one of the reviews : »Everything from making the booking (and amendments) to saying goodbye was brilliant! Staff were amazing, helpful, friendly and accommodating. The booking of the holiday package was so flexible and pleasant - no issues. All the activities were tailor-made for our needs and wishes. Agency provided all the needed information and advice, instructors did their job admiringly well - they were patient and easy going. Soca valley is so beautiful and offers so much! It's peaceful and relaxing and at the same time active enough to keep you busy at all times. I am looking forward to coming back to Bovec!« To see more reviews visit our Trip Advisor page

And if you are looking for an idea for your next adventure visit and book your outdoor holiday with us. 

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