Saturday, January 14, 2017

New family activity in Bovec

Last summer guests and us, tourist workers, got to try out a new activity called Adventure park Srnica. Jure and Nela – a local couple and establishers had a vision about building it and in summer of 2016 they finally got to show the adventure park to the public.

One of the perks abut the adventure park is definitely it's location in a remote gorge that carries the same name - Srnica. To reach it, there is about a 10 minute drive from Outdoor Galaxy office (in the centre of Bovec) to the parking place and after that a couple of minutes walk to the starting point. It is a fun group activity suitable to everyone. It is important to mention that children need to be at least  130 cm tall to go trough the entire park. Smaller children can participate only on the final part by going on the zip line with one of the adults.

In the park you will experience easy hiking and also easy via ferrata climbbing trough 120 meter long gourge. As you reach the centre of the park you need to climb over steep grades and thresholds, which are protected by steel cables. You get to cross wires and log bridges to go trough the gorge, and at the end of the tour you get to slide on a zip line. The tour is always guided and it lasts around an hour. Before starting the activity, guides always help you to set up and test the safety equipment. We recommend to wear sport or hiking shoes to prevent unnecessary injuries from wearing flip flops =).

If you are a nature lover, you will undoubtedly enjoy the adventure park and if you feel like exploring more after you finish with the activity, there are some amazing sceneries nearby. One of them is Gljun creek. Another one is waterfall Virje – one of the most amazing waterfalls around the area. There is also lake Plužna – an artificial lake from where  you can admire Svinjak - one of the most admirable peaks around Bovec.

If this post has aroused interest in you, you can book a guided trip trough Srnica from March to November.  

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